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Understand and prepare for what’s ahead with Futures Sandbox. Our approach helps you and/or your organisation craft plans that anticipate future changes, enabling you to adapt smoothly and thrive in an ever-changing world.  

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Today's Challenges, Tomorrow's Success

Feeling unsure about the future? We understand it’s hard to plan and anticipate what’s coming. Want to make wise decisions for the long run? Discover how the foresight approach can turn your uncertainties into clear, confident steps forward.

Meet Our Team of Professional

Dr. Erika Vaiginiene

Dr. Vaiginienė brings a wealth of experience in organisational development and strategic foresight. Her expertise was pivotal in shaping “Lithuania 2050”, a testament to her visionary approach.

Dovilė Gaižauskienė

With a keen focus on co-creation and participatory design, Dovilė specialises in crafting collaborative and innovative workshop experiences that turn ideas into actionable strategies. She contributed to “Lithuania 2050″ as workshop’s developer.

Maurizio Mosca

Maurizio excels in strategic foresight and anticipatory risk management. His systemic thinking approach has empowered numerous organisations to navigate and thrive amidst uncertainty.

Austėja Tamoliūnaitė

Austeja is a highly qualified professional with a background in Philosophy, Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). She works with improving well-being on individual and societal levels and has contributed to the “Lithuania2050” project with strategic foresight methodology.

Vaida Balbieriūtė

Experienced communication strategist.

But WHY Do You Need Strategic Foresight?

Many businesses and individuals only tap into half of their full potential when working without a clear plan. With the right guidance and a clear roadmap, progress accelerates, enabling you to navigate emerging challenges with ease and clarity.


And HOW Should Strategic Foresight Help?

  • Boost Long-term Growth

    Develop strategies that ensure sustained growth and profitability in an ever-changing business landscape.

  • Expand Market Opportunities

    Discover new markets and niches through forward-thinking analysis, tapping into untapped potential for expansion and diversification

  • Maximize Cost Efficiency

    Identify cost-saving opportunities and avoid unnecessary expenses, ensuring optimal financial resource management and long-term savings.

  • Cultivate Leadership Foresight

    Equip leaders with the foresight to guide teams confidently through uncertain times, enhancing organizational resilience

  • Streamline Decision Processes

    Make faster, more effective decisions with a clear understanding of future scenarios and their implications.

  • Optimize Risk Management

    Identify and mitigate potential threats early, safeguarding your business against unforeseen challenges.

Ready to take control of what’s ahead? Contact us to begin your journey in strategic foresight.

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